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Fire Safety In Hotels While On Holiday

fire-alarms-hotelWhen I travel I am not always happy with the safety and security of hotels I am staying in. This can happen even in the most expensive resorts and hotels.

In some countries they simply don’t care as much about safety as we do here in the UK.

It can well happen that I l spend a good amount of time in a “posh” resort abroad but spot significant fire hazards right away before I even enter the room I booked.

I am talking about blocked emergency exists, defective or entirely absent fire alarms, faulty wiring, very old fire extinguishers where it’s almost certain they won’t work any longer.

To have my holidays not spoiled entirely due to my fear about possible fires I always carry with me a portable smoke detector. I know it’s not really state-of-the-art in terms of fire safety but it still gives me some piece of mind at least in those hotels where their fire safety is severely lacking.

But of course I always try to make sure the the hotel is modern and up to standard in this regard before I even book a room for my golf holidays. Holidays are a time where I want to relax and not want to worry.

If you happen to be in the UK and require advice about smoke detectors or you want to get information on fire hazards such as lithium battery fire I always recommend Argos Fire. They are a local company here that I trust, for my own business but also when I am traveling. Furthermore, I recommend you read this excellent link about fire safety in hotels and motels.

How to find the right Golf Holiday for you, in France

Golf Course on Beach

If you feel like getting away for a round of golf on the weekend but don’t want to spend it in the UK, an affordable alternative that also won’t take long to get to is one of the many golf resorts in France. France is a country famed for its wine and food, so what better place to thinking of going for your golf holidays. It also has plenty of good weather in the south, in addition to its various other charms, meaning you won’t have to worry about packing an umbrella or a raincoat.

There are a range of resorts available that will offer spectacular views you can enjoy while taking a swing, so you can combine the relaxation of a good game of golf with the enjoyment of the kind of beautiful scenery you might not be able to enjoy back home. If you don’t feel like taking your usual gear with your for such a short getaway there will be equipment available to rent at the resort so you don’t have to worry about checking your favourite clubs at airport security.

Although a golf resort might not seem like the obvious destination for a family holiday, if you’ve got a family to bring with you there are plenty of family-friendly resorts that cater to a range of interests to keep the little ones interested while the golfers in the family enjoy some time on the green. With pools, horse riding and a whole variety of indoor and outdoor activity for everyone of all ages to enjoy a golf resort can make for a surprisingly varied family break.

As obvious from my blog, I have had my fair share of golf holidays . I have used various companies to make bookings and really the one I stick to now is Biarritz Golfing Experience, they really are fantastic. I would definitely recommend them!

Whether you want to spend a lot, or are just looking for a cheap break, it’s important to realise that there are gold resorts out there that cater to everyone, not just wealthy businessmen.

Have fun and let us know how your trip goes!

Export Management Software

Pretty much any time when I play golf with Jeff we’re talking business. Last time we had a really interesting talk on the course since he let me in on some of his secrets. You need to know that Jeff is definitely what I’d call “well off”, he’s very successful with his international shipping business.

import-export-2He told me that his profits soared in the last 12 months and from what I understood he attributes this mainly to a certain type of export management software he’s now using in his company.

We talked a lot about this type of businesses and he told me that it’s anything but easy to manage and to handle. He said that the management part is actually the most important part of it since everything else relies on it. With the software package he got last year he was able to cut a lot of costs for the company.

The export management software he is using allows him to to more in a shorter time and a lot more effectively. He said that at first he needed to have two people just for organizing invoices, bills and documentation for custom. (He is importing and exporting goods internationally so he’s often doing business with China and other countries in Asia). Now with the freight forwarding software he could train people in his company to use it in such a way as to get things done a lot quicker.

“If you do business overseas, especially with China you need to make sure that all the papers are in order. If they ain’t you will lose a lot of money if your shipments are stuck at the borders or customs doesn’t let them through. The freight forwarding software I am using now cost me a few hundred bucks but I don’t know how much it actually saved me already. I bet it’s a fortune. So if you ever want to get into that business you need to know that”

I am really grateful since any time we play golf I learn something new.

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is George and I am a massive golfing fan!

Beautiful Golf Course

I spend a lot of time golfing, both for networking with business associates and also for leisure either alone or with my family.

I am privileged to have a beautiful home that backs onto a fantastic golf course, however I also spend a lot of time traveling to golf courses overseas, including my favourite spot, France! Sometimes this is for leisure with my family and sometimes I am lucky enough to mix business and pleasure.

I am excited to be writing this blog, sharing with you some of my experiences golfing as well as reviewing different resorts, hotels, courses, equipment etc. I have a huge passion for golf and a lot of knowledge and information to share from my many many years spent playing golf at home and around the world! I am sure that many people will find these insights interesting and helpful for planning future golfing trips!

Golfing is a sport/hobby that can be enjoyed by people of any age, and it gets even more exciting when you start traveling around your country and the world visiting different courses. Not only does this give you a great opportunity to experience different courses and challenge your skills, it can also offer a fantastic opportunity for making new connections and having exciting new cultural experiences.

I will be aiming to post as often as I can on this website, and of course would love to answer any questions that you may have and cover any topics that you might find interesting. If there is something that you would like me to be writing about, please do get in touch!

I am already preparing the first golfing post, which should be ready soon, so please do check back, I hope that you enjoy it when it arrives!