A Smoke Alarm Is Always In My Luggage

hotel fire safetyAre you traveling often?

I do! And when I travel, safety and security in the hotels I am staying in is often a concern of mine.  In particular when it comes to fire-safety.

It already happened many times that I spend time in a nice resort abroad where I notice big fire hazards right away before I even enter my room. Well, here goes my nice vacation…

I am talking about blocked emergency exists, defective or entirely absent fire alarms, faulty wiring, very old fire extinguishers where it’s almost certain they won’t work any longer.

But I have a solution to calm my nerves when I am abroad: I always carry a portable smoke detector with me. With a smoke detector in my luggage, I always have some piece of mind in those hotels where their fire safety is severely lacking which are quite a lot.

But of course I always try to make sure the the hotel is modern and up to standard in this regard before I even book a room for my holidays. Holidays are a time where I want to relax and not want to worry about fire hazards and other dangers.

If you are from the United Kingdom and would like some more information about fire safety, I recommend that you look into an outdoor smoke detector alarm as they can greatly increase the safety of your home or business much better than an ordinary smoke alarm. You can find more helpful resources at http://www.hse.gov.uk/toolbox/fire.htm

Finding the Best Deals on Spare Golf Cart Parts

When you own your own golf cart, the upkeep can be expensive, as can the fees that some private courses impose for letting you use them. That’s why it’s always good to know the best places to shop when something does go wrong or if you simply want to upgrade your means of getting around the course.

It can be surprising for first-time cart owners how much choices are out there for maintaining and customising your cart, allowing golfers to create a serious statement when they roll out for a few rounds.

golf cart partsAlthough the logistics of taking your cart on holiday with you abroad are formidable if you’re thinking of taking a golfing holiday closer to home it’s probably a good idea to make sure that your cart is tuned up and ready to go before heading out on the green.

This could range from simple maintenance such as adding a new cargo box or a new enclosure to something more essential like tools for battery maintenance so you don’t run out of juice in the middle of the green.

It could also be for more superficial reasons that you want to investigate getting new golf cart parts, perhaps some decals or a new enclosure.

If you are planning on taking your cart on holiday with you and want to get the best deals it’s important to think about ordering any parts well in advance. All the best deals are available online so you need to factor in the time takes for the parts to be delivered.

It may take longer but it’s going to save you a lot of money, compared to buying the parts from a physical dealer. As with maintaining any vehicle you might find that tinkering with your golf cart becomes as much a hobby as the golf itself.

Talent Management To Get The Best Qualified Golf Professionals

Golf clubs and courses oftentimes offer much more then simply a green for golfers to play on. A number of clubs these days will also provide services such as golf lessons to learn the perfect swing, amongst other things. It is not uncommon that the established clubs of today employ golfing professionals that can provide golfers from the bloody beginner to the advanced golfer such lessons.

A Golf Club Is Also A Business
A Golf Club Is Also a Business

For that reason, seasoned golf professionals are high in demand with many golf clubs in the country. Obviously,  not everyone is qualified for such a position. Pretty much like with any other occupation, only the right professionals will be able to get such a job.

For that reason it has become ever more important for golf clubs today to look at their hiring process in order to make sure that they will in fact get suitable candidates for the job. And in the same way as is the case in other professions already, golf clubs and venues today may take advantage of what is called talent management to find those people.

Talent management simply spoken is a refined hiring and recruiting process with the goal get the best and most suitable candidates right away with out having to spend money and time on hiring and training less qualified persons.

Talent management likewise not only will streamline and make easier the hiring process but can likewise help to make sure that the talent that is hired will stay motivated and committed to the organization or company.

The principle here is rather simple: Motivated and committed employees are the best employees.

With talent management the golf club of today can avoid high turnover rates, they can cut their costs and expenses in regards to training and hiring plus it can make for an overall better experience for everyone on the course knowing that the employee years, whether it be golf teachers or maintenance staff is the best they can get.

A golf club as an organization is pretty comparable to any other type of business. This means that costs need to be saved and the numerous operations should be as effective and profitable as it can get. For that reason you should also consider talent management software because it can greatly benefit your venue or club.

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is George and I am a massive golfing fan!

Beautiful Golf Course

I spend a lot of time golfing, both for networking with business associates and also for leisure either alone or with my family.

I am privileged to have a beautiful home that backs onto a fantastic golf course, however I also spend a lot of time traveling to golf courses overseas, including my favourite spot, France! Sometimes this is for leisure with my family and sometimes I am lucky enough to mix business and pleasure.

I am excited to be writing this blog, sharing with you some of my experiences golfing as well as reviewing different resorts, hotels, courses, equipment etc. I have a huge passion for golf and a lot of knowledge and information to share from my many many years spent playing golf at home and around the world! I am sure that many people will find these insights interesting and helpful for planning future golfing trips!

Golfing is a sport/hobby that can be enjoyed by people of any age, and it gets even more exciting when you start traveling around your country and the world visiting different courses. Not only does this give you a great opportunity to experience different courses and challenge your skills, it can also offer a fantastic opportunity for making new connections and having exciting new cultural experiences.

I will be aiming to post as often as I can on this website, and of course would love to answer any questions that you may have and cover any topics that you might find interesting. If there is something that you would like me to be writing about, please do get in touch!

I am already preparing the first golfing post, which should be ready soon, so please do check back, I hope that you enjoy it when it arrives!