Ergonomic Chairs: Also (And In Particular) For Golf!

great-ergonomic-chairsI happen to really make it a priority not to skimp when it comes to my home’s furniture.

I mean, there are situations where it makes sense to save money and others where this might be a rather foolish thing to do.

I always say that a good bed, a quality mattress or a top quality ergonomic chair will always pay for themselves since nothing can be more important than one’s own health.

You will hopefully agree with me there. From that point of view, even a very expensive ergonomic chair that might set you back several hundreds of pounds  I see it more as being an investment into good health and sure anything but a waste of money!

Now you will know that I like golf a lot and this means that I am also travelling often to see nice courses such as those in Biarritz or the fantastic greens in northern Italy.

While I have never encountered a problem with the amazing golf courses there, the food or drink offered in the clubhouses it’s a different story when we’re talking about simple things such as chairs for spectators or efficiently want to lounge for an afternoon.

This is the reason I’m now always making sure that the venue¬† visit has ergonomic chairs. For some of the golfing clubs I visit often I actually brought nice desk chairs which they keep so I always know there are available when I arrive. It’s great for my back, whether I want want someone else’s game or in those times when I just want to read a good book on the balcony.

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