A Smoke Alarm Is Always In My Luggage

hotel fire safetyAre you traveling often?

I do! And when I travel, safety and security in the hotels I am staying in is often a concern of mine.  In particular when it comes to fire-safety.

It already happened many times that I spend time in a nice resort abroad where I notice big fire hazards right away before I even enter my room. Well, here goes my nice vacation…

I am talking about blocked emergency exists, defective or entirely absent fire alarms, faulty wiring, very old fire extinguishers where it’s almost certain they won’t work any longer.

But I have a solution to calm my nerves when I am abroad: I always carry a portable smoke detector with me. With a smoke detector in my luggage, I always have some piece of mind in those hotels where their fire safety is severely lacking which are quite a lot.

But of course I always try to make sure the the hotel is modern and up to standard in this regard before I even book a room for my holidays. Holidays are a time where I want to relax and not want to worry about fire hazards and other dangers.

If you are from the United Kingdom and would like some more information about fire safety, I recommend that you look into an outdoor smoke detector alarm as they can greatly increase the safety of your home or business much better than an ordinary smoke alarm. You can find more helpful resources at http://www.hse.gov.uk/toolbox/fire.htm